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As the chilly months set in, women's winter clothing must-haves are all about being pared back with a bit of luxe. As we begin slowly integrating back into the world, we need to be mindful of our wardrobe decisions and explore a little while enjoying the laidback vibe.

The past year has shown us that less can be more when it comes to fashion. That minimalism we experienced in the 90s is where styles are taking us. We invite you to come with us as we share five foundation pieces that are perfect for layering and will have you maximising your look as the chill sets in.

1. Luxe casual pants

Whether you're back in the office or still working at your dining table, many have grown used to the practicality and comfort of laidback wear. This winter, it's time to give your clothing essentials a little 2021 twist by adding a little luxe to your day. Swap those sweats for a cute playsuit that, when layered, will keep you toasty warm on those cooler days, or perhaps you prefer the look of sumptuously chic cotton pants paired with some black boots.

2. All-purpose knitwear

Layering is ideal for maximising the potential of an outfit and for the practicality of keeping you warm. Your perfect wardrobe accessories should include Australian designed edgy knitwear that pairs well with jeans, whether snug or slightly oversized. These are perfect for working at home or at the office, adding a little lift to last year’s casual vibe.

3. Belts that make a statement

Stop thinking about the belt as a practical item and realise how it's more about fashion. This is a women's winter clothing must-have. As we learn to balance between informal and a wave of glamour, a simple belt can be paired with pants, jeans or dress to take a look straight out of 2020 with a little twist into 2021.

4. Jackets – perfect to go with anything

When looking for an investment piece that will add to your wardrobe basics and make your outfit look effortlessly glam, adding a fur jacket and a long cardigan with help you celebrate the cold days ahead in style. Jackets will take any outfit from informal to something relatively impressive and gives you a choice between looking glam or going with a casual-luxe look, depending on your look of choice on the day.

5. Relaxed elegance with buttoned shirts and blouses

There's always room to play when you have a simple buttoned-up shirt or blouse as one of your women's clothing must-haves. Long sleeves are ideal for keeping off the chills, and neutral colours will match your pants of choice well. In addition, the versatility of shirts and blouses means they are easy to mix and match and layered to look casual or a more refined look when going into work or out with friends.

Take a look through our range and upgrade your outfit today.