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Another month has passed, and we’re still experiencing on and off lockdowns. The struggle now is that they’re rolling through the winter months, making it even harder to keep productive, warm and comfortable while we go about our daily responsibilities.

Many of us are embracing the idea of settling into a sense of hibernation until all of these lockdowns are over, endless mugs of hot tea in hand. And while we’re every bit as into building a duvet fortress as you are, things need to get done – even in lockdown.

So to help you navigate your time spent at home, we’ve put together some helpful tips.

Easy ways to keep comfortable during COVID-19 restrictions

Change up your lighting

When you're anxious, your mind doesn’t need the presence of harsh fluorescents around your home; instead, buy some warm, orangey lamps and scatter them throughout the house. They are not only more pleasing to the eye, but they have also been scientifically proven to reduce tension and promote a sense of tranquilly.

Invest in some candles

Scented delights like this cast a halo about your home, but particular aromas, such as vanilla, lavender, or camomile, can cause a chemical reaction in the brain that promotes relaxation. Cucumber-scented candles, in particular, are said to help with anxiety because the scent is associated with childhood picnics. How cool is that?

Drink plenty of water

A large glass of water may be the last thing on your mind when you're dressed up in winter woollies and still shivering like a madman. However, staying hydrated is crucial, so make sure you receive your daily liquid requirement from hot beverages like herbal teas or simply hot water with lemon.

Wear your cosiest clothing

Nothing feels more like home than when you’re sporting your favourite clothes. But here’s a pro tip for you: if you’re finding it hard to keep productive when you’re working remotely, wear what you’d typically wear to the office (or any other job) to avoid your mind falling into ‘lazy mode’. We recommend a smart-casual sweater, a nice pair of black pants and you’re good to go.

Psst: If you need inspiration, sift through our women’s clothing sales for some wardrobe additions to keep you up and running during the lockdown.

Indulge in hot baths

In the winter, your muscles and joints may feel stiffer, so take a hot bubble bath or shower to loosen them up (and ease other aches and pains). Throw in some Epsom bath salts for an extra touch of luxe.

Consider a weighted blanket

Take comfort in the little things – like the nifty weighted blanket. While we don’t condone forever staying in bed during the lockdown, weighted blankets can seriously help lower anxiety and stress, and act as the perfect cuddle buddy. Make sure you research the best weight range for your own weight so that your chosen design isn’t too heavy.

When things feel a bit out of place, nothing brings comfort quite like the familiar. We believe the above tips will help you stay stress-free, comfortable and cosy during all these endless lockdowns and uncertainty. And when those don’t work, there’s always the humble shopping spree on our website!