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A year spent in the cosiness of our own homes has had us itching to showcase the outfits we didn’t get to show off last year. Work-from-home wear replaced office attire during lockdowns and now that those times are (mostly) over, it’s time to step out in something cute and chic once again.

The year 2021 still holds a bit of the comfy look that we saw in 2020, but there’s so much left more to explore in the world of fashion. Little Blackbird was a go-to for online shopping throughout the restrictions, and now we look back on the best of 2020 style and share a taste of what’s hot in the autumn/winter season ahead.

Top fashion trends during COVID-19 restrictions 

Indoor designs were everything during COVID-19. Comfy pants and sweaters, cardi's and jeans were all featured as must-have pieces on Instagram and Pinterest.

Cute sweaters in neutral colours, greys and navies paired with a casual pant were a favourite look in our eyes. Chic for a Zoom call or post-work walk, the loungewear was fresh, simple and amazing for all-day wear. Our soft cropped sweater designs were hot-selling pieces at this time, especially paired with a long cardi for a visit to the nearest shopping centre.

A move away from skinny jeans and into roomier straight and wide leg pant designs perfectly played up casual tops, and is still trending now. High-waisted with a relaxed fit, the flattering look hits casual style on the head, and looks fabulous with a jacket layered on top.

Warmer weather brought out the best of summery dresses. Some of the most sought-after boho dresses Australia-wide came from yours truly, turning heads on the beach and elsewhere. Off-the-shoulder styles were especially sexy and sweet, letting a little skin show after being covered up all winter.

The sun’s already going down on summertime, and a new season of A/W fashion is about to take its place. We’re excited to dish out the forecast for you and give the Little Blackbird’s take on what’s going to be hot when the temperature drops.

Winter is coming

Meanwhile, 90s and 1920s vibes are on the menu this season. Think adorable cropped cardi's a la Aleisha Silverstone in Clueless, checkered sweater vests, and long line coats – plus those trendy jeans from last season.

Layering is key and gives you plenty of opportunity to get creative with your wardrobe. Try a cropped cardi with a blouse underneath for preppy work-from-home style, and throw on a wide leg pant when it’s time to go out. If you dare to bare, a v-neck cardi with straight leg jeans and a sexy heel is a great date night outfit look to impress with less. Top off with an elegant maxi coat and turn heads like Kate Hudson did in Almost Famous.

These are just a few ideas to spark your creative clothing adventures. We know you have your own to mix and match, and can’t wait to see what original outfits come to you next season.

Stay posted for new arrivals in our upcoming collection and find fresh pieces to work with. After lockdown, we all deserve to express our fashion flair for the world to see.