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From the gym to the street, activewear is everywhere. Legging and cute crops, comfy and effortless sweats were the hot items to be seen in up til 2021 – but is it finally time to ditch for something better?

After a year of at-home style, making a change – and an effort – is on the menu. There’s so much more to fashion than living in lycra. Let’s put some fashion flair on show for the world to see instead.

Swapping out the leggings and sports crops with flowy dresses and one-of-a-kind pieces fit for the occasion is the way to go. Now that there’s no reason to be at home in iso 24/7, pulling together cute outfits wherever you go is that much more fun. Little Blackbird’s mission is to help you along the way, and bring designs that simply can’t be found anywhere else into your life.

As Coco Chanel famously said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different.”  Take her advice and stand out in a style that’s all yours.

Dress to impress

A girl’s life is full of all kinds of social occasions. Meetings, dates, appointments, vacations – you name it, we’ve lived it. Looking fabulous is the key to feeling amazing and making an impression at every event, from important business events to coffee dates with the girls.

The casual workout look is perfect for gyms and walks, but it only shows one side of your style to the world. There’s so much more to sharing personality than curve-hugging lycra, and Little Blackbird’s collection is full of ideas to spark your imagination.

Ladylike midi skirts, super soft cardis and cropped tops are pieces that we consider essentials for any wardrobe. The key is to have plenty of versatility with one-of-a-kind cuts to choose from, paired with intention.

A little effort goes a long way – especially when you rock a signature look with born-this way confidence. Money can buy fashion, but style? That’s all yours, girl.

Confidence is key

Just bought a brand new piece to replace your everyday gym look with something a little extra? Make sure to crank up the confidence while you’re at it.

An outfit with your signature on it looks that much better when you really own it. Attitude is everything in the world of clothing, so be bold, explore, and find a vibe that balances attire with feeling fabulous.

Intentional dressing is all the more powerful when a bold woman is behind it, and it’s amazing what that combo can do for you. Seriously. Never underestimate the power of a woman with purpose – there’s a reason why Chanel also said, “Dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy today.”

Take a page out of her book and design your outfits with an outcome in mind. The go-getter attitude did wonders for Coco, whose original thinking and designs made headlines across the globe. There’s nothing stopping you from carving your own path in designer fashion.