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Fashion may come and go, but style – that’s one-of-a-kind. The key is finding yourself through clothing and letting that personality shine – and still looking gorgeous while you’re doing it.

Beautiful designs and trendy clothing are great to have: without that amazing aesthetic touch, they’re just clothes. It takes a creative eye and some practice to get outfits right, and sometimes all you need is a fresh new addition or three to transform your collection into something extra.

Before you go on a brand new haul, we suggest getting to know your body shape and seeing what words for it. This tip is everything for being fashion conscious and pulling off hot combos. Once you’ve got that down, it’s time to get shopping!

Read up on our tips below and see what gorgeous new outfits you can pull together from your existing collection – or add to it with something a little special from our collection

The basic style formula

When we’re asked, ‘how can I look more stylish?’ we say ‘be unique’. Trends catch on, but remember, someone sets them. It’s always better to be a trend-setter than a follower!

As a rule, we suggest looking for beautiful designs that are based on classics, but have a twist to them. For example, a dress like this Little Blackbird design has a simple base, unique detailing, and almost classic but so-not-the-same-old same-old. There’s character and gorgeous detailing in it that takes it up a notch, which is exactly what you want for that effortless ‘I just put this on’ look.

The rule of classic base + twist in each piece adds up to a chic head-to-toe look, without being too much. If you’re going for a statement, let it shine and play down one aspect of the outfit. To paint the picture, imagine a cute cropped top with a high-waisted, wide-leg pant like Rosita on your day out. The combo is a match made in heaven for all kinds of occasions. Try it out and send us snaps of your put-together look – we’d love to see what you come up with!

Keep this top tip in mind

Hot tip: When styling your clothing, look for ways to create balance and dynamics.

Take cute boho dresses for example. A design like this one can be worn with a chunky statement shoe and bag, or belted at the waist and accessorised with a hat for that beachy boho vibe. The combinations are endless, and there are so many amazing looks that you can have fun exploring with when a dress like this makes it into your closet.

Getting a fresh new wardrobe put together doesn’t have to be super fussy and difficult. Start with a few versatile pieces, pair them with what you’ve got, and go from there.

If you find you want to get a whole new closet full of clothes, that’s fine, too – you do you, baby. Just let us know if you need a little style advice or are stuck for inspo – we’re here for you!

Find your femme

Like we mentioned above, getting a classy wardrobe together takes a little skill and creativity.

The best way is finding unique pieces, combining them with something that contrasts with colour and material, and accessorising if that’s your thing. You’ll get a whole lot of wear out of each piece, and look fabulous on the street, in the office, and out on the town when you take this advice. If anyone asks where you got it from... just say a Little Blackbird shared it with you. We won’t mind.