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Why is accessorising so important? Well, it’s not, but it can dramatically change your outfit according to the look you’re aiming for. If you have a basic dress you want to jazz up, the perfect necklace can take it to the next level; meanwhile, they can dial an outfit down when you’re looking for something more laid-back. It all depends on the style you’re trying to recreate, so there is an art to it. In this post, we’re guiding you through our top tips for accessorising like a pro.

Accessories are a girl’s best friend

Don’t be afraid to experiment and be bold

That’s the beauty of using accessories – you can have fun with it and enjoy the lack of restrictions on your creativity. From celebrities to influencers, styling up outfits is done with accessories of all kinds, so take a look at the likes of Instagram or Pinterest to get your inspiration flowing. Once you’re ready to get creative, start pairing what you’ve got on-hand in your wardrobe with some of the more basic items you own. From there, you can see where you can reel things back a bit or refine them with certain jewellery, belts, shoes, hats and more.

The sky is your limit.

Layer up

Even in warmer months, you can still incorporate layers. For example, adding a scarf (even those made for accessorising, rather than warmth) can add the perfect touch to a simple outfit. Don’t be afraid to layer jewellery or belts too; you can add multiple necklaces, rings or bracelets together to create a classy, sophisticated look.

Colours are your best friend

Figure out what the primary colour is for your look and then play on it. Layer it up with various tones of the one colour or take advantage of other hues that complement it. For example, rose gold pairs well with neutral tones, while silver or gold can add drama to black and white.

You don’t have to have a unique look

Every time you choose to accessorise, you don’t have to opt for an original look. A great way to take the brain and leg work out of creating these looks are to put together ‘sets’ of accessories that can work for multiple outfits – for example, a handbag and belt combo or a configuration of bangles and necklaces. Then all you have to do is take your pick from your collections of premade accessory sets, and you’re good to go.