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We've all been there – rushing from work to a night out, and there's no time to change into a completely new outfit. We get it, life gets busy, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge in wearing fashion to your job while still being comfortable. So, come with us as we explore how easy it is to go from stylish corporate to chic evening wear in a few easy steps.

The "Little Black" Number

You cannot go wrong with a "little black" number that can be effortlessly glammed up for a night out, regardless of its colour. Whether you want a more formal, party or casual look you cannot go past the luxury or style of our Mainland Knitted Set in teal or CLICHE Midi in black. These are perfect with boots or heels for work and pair well with a leather or faux fur jacket to elevate the look.

Layering Up

Layers are essential to take your look from day to night in a hurry. This can easily be achieved by incorporating our vintage denim or a FOXY Faux Fur with your favourite Midi. Not only will you transform quickly from your outfit, but you will also look and feel great. Elevate this look a little further by adding a pop of colour with jewellery, scarf, or a Rita or KIIK Belt.


A neutral jumpsuit is a perfect way to achieve comfortable glam because they are a blank slate. When running from work to an event, our Kiki and Vixx Jumpsuits can either be worn alone or paired with a belt or jewellery for a chic look that requires no change to Jazz it up for dinner out with friends or colleagues.

Get the Casual Vibe

Need more of a casual vibe for an after-work date but still need to look great for your job? Our day dresses are the perfect combination of casual elegance, particularly our floaty VERONICA maxi, which has the ideal balance of colour and style for work and play. Day dresses are the perfect compromise for creating a balance between looking great for business and heading out to a casual evening with friends.

It's All in The Details

Next time you need to 'jazz up' your wardrobe, it all comes down to the details. Adding a jacket, changing your jewellery, wearing a belt or scarf all contribute to a versatile look that can be worn at any time. When it comes to finding party dresses online Australia that are also comfortable and stylish, you are not only making the evening transition a little easier; you are minimising the content in your wardrobe.

Getting more out of less will save you money. These savings will allow you to buy the clothes you want without compromising. So, when it comes to transforming your look - layer, grab some basics and add an elevated outfit when adding a few easy extras.