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There is one thing you can be guaranteed during the warmer Australian months is that there will be a wedding invite or two. It's the season where love is celebrated, and you might find yourself wondering what to wear as a guest for such a special day, especially in the Australian heat?

At Little Blackbird, we understand that it can be tricky to know the right attire to choose, especially during the warmer months. Come with us as we explore which clothes are ok to wear, what's trending and whether black or casual clothes are acceptable.

  1. Black is Back

While black may not be the first choice, it is acceptable attire for summer weddings, especially if the dress code is formal. If you look at our range of cocktail dresses Australia, the Seeker Midi is excellent for being just glam enough without stealing the show.

  1. Keep It Simple

When choosing what to wear to a wedding in summer 2021, chances are you will be going to a beautiful beach or celebrating in a garden. This means the day is likely to have a more casual vibe, so the attire can be kept simple. This means you could easily choose our Salsa Maxi or Pinzolita Maxi as they have beautiful flow and colour but can be simply matched with a neutral jacket and wedges or a belt and sandals.

  1. Vintage for Any Season

Vintage continues to be a favourite amongst wedding guests and is perfect for any season. This look can be suitable for semi-formal and formal dress codes as it is quite a versatile look. This is the opportunity to glam it up with a bit of lace, and you will look stunning even on a hot day. Our Mythic Dress dovetails into the vintage style with its lacy body and elegant ruffled sleeves, and because it is ok to use dark colours, you won't be breaking any etiquette rules.

  1. Florals

When it comes to dressing perfectly for the occasion, you cannot go past floral patterns and light fabrics. They are flowy, keep you cool if the day is hot, and can be styled to look either elegant or more casual depending on your accessories. Whether you go for one of our party or cocktail florals or grab one from our casual range, paired with the right shoes and belt, you will be ready to celebrate.

Which Dress is Best?

While you may be aware of the basics, such as avoiding the colour white, it can be overwhelming, making sure you are making the right choice and being respectful to the bridge and groom. There is no definitive answer when choosing the proper attire for a marriage celebration on a potentially hot day. Overall, it will depend on the type you attend, the theme, where it is held, and at what time of the day. However, with warmer weather, keeping it simple with clean lines or florals, you really cannot go wrong, and pair with the right jacket and shoes will have your celebration ready.